Health Care
In astrology, the human body is known as micro cosmos (Pindana), which contains all the elements present in the macrocosmos known as Bhrahmand. The macrocosms consisting of entire cosmos encompassing with pancha bhootas (five elements of life) namely Akasha (Ether), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water) and Prithvi (Earth).

Each element represents a particular type of energy that flows through the body.

The unhealthiness due to indiscriminate  incompatible intake of food, environmental influence which is cured by medicine but this is also invited by unchaste go of life, inadherence, biological deficiency, unadjusted complexes and most important misdeeds of past life etc. is  cured by Astrological Curopathy which is only developed by  Dr. Niranjan Mirsha.

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Many a thing, specially astrology is a devil's den if it does not goad one to Lord, Good and God; astrologers who are not devoted to Lord, Good and God, and who drag people down to deterioration by evil suggestions arethe consuls of Satan